Colourman chalk based paint

About our paints

Colourman Paints replicates the buttermilk paint of the 18th and 19th centuries. Our paint is made with earth pigments, chalk and clay. These superior ingredients are blended, delivering a rich, velvety soft, chalky and flawless matt finish that will stand the test of time.

It’s natural breathable qualities make it the ideal paint for listed buildings, restoration and renovation projects or new builds.

The paint’s wonderful versatility and exceptional workability makes it perfect for walls, floors, woodwork and for creating fabulous paint effects on everything from furniture to intricate murals.

Our paints have the magical property of natural earth pigments, marrying beautifully with each other, giving a mellow, chalk effect that can be sanded easily to look worn. They adhere to bare wood without primer or fillers, maintaining the wood’s natural characteristics.

They are user-friendly with a low-odour and quick drying. All the paints can be easily mixed to create unique shades. Add a little water to thin or just leave the lid off for a thicker consistency enabling you to paint like a true professional.

Let’s not forget, it’s handmade in the UK, Eco-friendly, Low-VOC, Certified BS EN 71-3 and vegan.

We’ve created a luxurious pallet of reproduction historic colours for you to choose from.



Colourman chalk paints brushes and finishes

Our story

Colourman Paints team

This is us, Rachel and Louanne walking, talking and making plans, looking a bit windswept.

After nearly 30 years of friendship we are excited to now be business partners too.

There’s so much we want to do, so we’ve hit the ground running.

Colourman chalk based paint
sitting on a bench

A quick sit down between meetings with our wonderful customers

Colourman chalk based paint

But always time for shopping

Traditional craftmanship

  • Made in Britain
  • Traditional skills and Techniques
  • Small local partnerships

Over the next few months we will be updating our journal with the traditional crafts and how we work with them alongside Colourman Paints.


Be inspired by our customers past projects, the wide uses and versatility of Colourman Paints and their reproduction colours.

What people say…


I would highly recommend using Colourman’s paints for their beautiful chalky quality. Having used these paints for the last 15 years for painting furniture it was the natural choice for when we started our vintage sign making business ‘Argent and Sable’. The paints are fabulous to apply, great for colour-matching (which I do all the time for clients logos etc), they are quick to dry and can be aged and distressed with beautiful results. With an application of Colourman’s waxes the colours really POP and take on another life. The paints are always sent quickly and efficiently and are great value for money.

- Danielle Neale

Argent & Sable

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